[This article belongs to Volume - 47, Issue - 02]

Optimization of Performance Characteristics of Hybrid Polymeric Composite Materials Prepared by Friction Stir Process Technique Joint with Grey Relational Analysis

In this work, determine optimum process parameters regarding the various performance characteristics of Friction Stir Processing (FSP) for prepared polymeric hybrid composite materials, which including mechanical and physical properties to evaluate the operation success. Through this work the effect of adding different ratios of (Graphite, Al2O3 and Cu) as reinforcement particles to the binary polymeric blend (85%HDPE:15%PP) was study. The results of mechanical and physical tests indicate there is a significant improvement in the (flexural strength, flexural modulus, maximum shear strength, hardness and thermal properties) of all hybrid composite materials. The optimal combination of parameters setting is (85%HDPE:15%PP) + (6% Graphite, 6% Al2O3 and 6% Cu). The error between the predicted values and the experimental ones at the optimum combination of parameter for all responses lies between (0.174% and 4.905%). Certainly, this confirms the powerful reproducibility of the conclusions related to the experiments.