[This article belongs to Volume - 47, Issue - 02]

Invasion of the Gulf of Suez Wells with ICD Completion to Delay Water Contravention

The Gulf of Suez basin contains many fields most of these fields confronting with water invasion. Inflow control technology is used to manacle the unfavorable effects of water coning phenomena that delay water breakthrough. It balances the inflow between well bore and completion by adding extra pressure drop between the reservoir and the well bore. This paper describes modeling of using inflow control devices in Gulf of Suez horizontal wells that never used this technique before and also compare this modeling of prediction data with the actual data for horizontal well already completed and produced from long time suffered from water infringement. The analysis was done for heterogeneous and homogenous reservoir with different models of using ICD and AICV and compared to actual perforated cased well. The results showed that the well completed with ICD and AICV obviously higher oil production performance, meanwhile AICD is somewhat getting better than ICD in homogenous well and much better in heterogeneous well. Inflow control device technique would be able to delay water production for long time than the actual perforated open hole well in the Gulf of Suez province.