[This article belongs to Volume - 44, Issue - 03]

Study on fracture toughness of X80 pipeline steel based on small punch test

Evaluating the strength properties of materials of an in-service pipeline without shutting down transportation has been always a challenge. A novel and non-destructive method for determining the true stress-strain curve of pipeline steel based on backpropagation artificial neural network and small punch test is proposed in this study. The elastoplastic mechanical properties of the pipeline steels could be obtained by this method. The load-displacement curves of 2261 groups of different hypothetical materials were obtained by the finite element model of small punch test within Gurson-Tvergaard-Needleman (GTN) damage parameters and used to train the neural network. The relationship between the loaddisplacement curve of small punch test and the true stress-strain curve of the conventional uniaxial tensile test was established based on the trained neural network. The accuracy and wide applicability of the trained neural network were verified by the experimental data of four types of materials obtained by small punch test and standard tensile test, respectively. The established relationship can be used to predict the true stress-strain curve of the pipeline steels to determine the elastoplastic mechanical properties only by the load-displacement curve of the small punch test without performing the conventional tensile test.