[This article belongs to Volume - 46, Issue - 06]

Leakage-control while drilling with novel hybrid gel particles system

Novel fibrous and particulate LCM products of variable mechanical characteristics and chemical composition were developed using physio-mechanical treatment and processing of various waste components of date palm trees available each year as pruning wastes, post crop harvesting wastes, waste generated after making cookies and confectioneries and also the waste arising due to the removal of deceased and non-productive date trees. Experimental tests conducted using PPT apparatus at 500 and 1500 psi pressure and 250 °F temperature using 2 mm slotted disc demonstrated the efficient sealing and blocking for all of the particulate and fibrous LCM products either immediately after the application of the overbalance pressure or after a while. Some of the LCM products showed instantaneous sealing capacity after the application of overbalance pressure. Several commercial LCM products were also tested and evaluated using the same concentration and test conditions for comparative assessment of the performance of the newly developed LCM products. Interestingly, all of the new LCM products showed similar or better performance than the equivalent commercial products. Engineered fiber blends developed using the date palm industry waste also showed similar or better performance than the commercial or currently used LCM blends. Experimental results also indicated the suitability of date palm industry waste in replacing some of the synthetic fibers used by the industry in commercial LCM blend design. All these experimental results indicate that the date palm industry wastes are potential sources of raw materials for various product development for oil and gas field applications.