[This article belongs to Volume - 44, Issue - 2]

A new drilling fluid technology based on supramolecular chemistry

Based on supramolecular chemistry, a rheology modifier CFZTQ-1 for oil base drilling fluids was developed, and an innovative high-density organoclay-free oil base drilling fluid system centering on CFZTQ-1 was designed, evaluated and applied in the field. CFZTQ-1 can strongly increase the elasticity of invert emulsion due to the supramolecular structure assembled in water phase; CFZTQ-1 has stronger effect in elevating the yield point and suspension ability than several foreign rheology modifiers; the synergistic effect with organoclay also makes CFZTQ-1 available in traditional clay-contained invert emulsion drilling fluids. Through the category and dosage optimization of related additives, the formula of the high-density organoclay-free oil base drilling fluid was established and its performance was evaluated. The organoclay-free drilling fluid owns favorable rheology with density of 2.40−2.60 g/cm3, yield point of 13−17 Pa, moderate apparent viscosity and relative low plastic viscosity; after hot rolling at 240 °C, the drilling fluid still keeps a stable performance as its viscosity only increases slightly, its high temperature and high pressure (HTHP) filtration loss is about 10 mL and its electrical stability is greater than 400 V. This innovative drilling fluid system achieves excellent field application as well.