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Journal of China University of Petroleum (Edition of Natural Science) (ISSN: 1673-5005) is a monthly peer-reviewed scopus indexed journal from 2006 to up to now. The publisher of the journal is Ed. Off. Journal of the Univ. Petroleum, China . JCUP welcomes all original papers of engineering, earth science around the world from any sorts of professionals.

01ISSN: 1673-5005

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( Vol 48 , Issue 07 )
19 Jul 2024

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( Vol 48 , Issue 07 )
31 Jul 2024

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Journal of China University of Petroleum (Edition of Natural Science)
CO2 corrosion mechanism of pure Fe under action of uniform water film

The polarization behavior of API 5L X65 mild steel at various pH values and CO2 partial pressures was investigated at a high flow velocity. In contrast to the commonly accepted mechanistic view of CO2 corrosion, it is shown that the direct reduction of carbonic acid is insignificant at CO2 partial pressures up to 5 bar. That suggests that carbonic acid is merely a “reservoir” of hydrogen ions and its presence only increases the observed limiting current densities by buffering the H+ concentration at the metal surface. Furthermore, the rate of anodic iron dissolution reaction was

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Mechanism of rock breaking under composite and torsional impact cutting

Torsional impact drilling is a new technology which has the advantages of high rock-breaking efciency and a high rate of penetration (ROP). So far, there is no in-depth understanding of the rock-breaking mechanism for the ROP increase from torsional impact tools. Therefore, it has practical engineering signifcance to study the rock-breaking mechanism of torsional impact. In this paper, discrete element method (DEM) software (PFC2D) is used to compare granite breaking under the steady and torsional impacting conditions. Meanwhile, the energy consumption to break rock, microscopic crushing pr

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